The wflow_bmi_combined interface


In order to simplify conversion of an existing model to a reusable, plug-and-play model component, CSDMS has developed a simple interface called the Basic Model Interface or BMI that model developers are asked to implement. Recall that in this context an interface is a named set of functions with prescribed function names, argument types and return types. The BMI functions make the model self-describing and fully controllable by a modeling framework.

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The wflow_bmi_combined module implements a class that connects 2 or more python bmi modules and exports those to the outside as a single bmi model.

  • A @ character is used to separate the module from the variable. For example, the variable Flow in module wflow_hbv becomes wflow_hbv@Flow in the combined model (it was Flow in the single interface)

  • The individual models can run in a separate case dir or can be combined into one directory (and share maps that are identical)

The script can be used to run a set of combined models, it is documented seperately.

wflow_bmi_combined module documentation